Global tax deal: long miles and a few years to go…

Ireland was not among the 130 countries that nodded to the G7 global tax deal. Will the forthcoming G20 meet manage to iron out such wrinkles?

Proposed G7 tax deal sets the agenda for reform, expect pushback though

The top advanced economies recently came up with a two-pronged plan to tax global corporations in a global tax deal, the first of its kind.

Britain joins the digital currency bandwagon

As China continues extended trials of its central bank digital currency, Britain too signals serious intent on a potential digital currency, a Britcoin if you may.

Quantum technology comes to the public markets

On closing a merger with a special purpose acquisition vehicle, IonQ is poised to be the first publicly traded pure-play quantum computing hardware and software company in the world.

FM Sitharaman bats for health science and oceans

Last year’s big ticket item, quantum computing does not find repeat mention this year, though artificial intelligence and machine learning found some passing reference in India's federal Budget plans.


Boston startup QuEra takes novel route to quantum hardware

Founded by Physics professors, Boston-based QuEra Computing uses atomic qubits to build a stable and scalable quantum processor.

US blackballs Chinese quantum computing firms and chip makers for trade

Three Chinese quantum computing firms and a handful of chipmakers have been put on a trade blacklist by the US government to curb export of US technology.

Project Q-Exa pursues a European quantum computer made in Germany

Germany is at the centre of European quantum plans with the Q-Exa project

Australia to pump $73 million in cutting edge technology including quantum

At the centre of geopolitical jostling in the Indo-Pacific, Australia plans to beef up its technological edge in nine critical areas including quantum computing.

IBM’s Eagle soars with an over 100-qubit quantum processor

The American technology major has achieved an intermediate milestone in its predetermined journey towards building a 1,000-qubit plus quantum computer within two years.