Quantum computing experts raise red flags about misuse of the new technology

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The great power that quantum computing will place in the hands of governments and corporations needs to be balanced with greater ethical responsibility, believe a host of quantum tech experts.

Even though the development of quantum computers is still at a very nascent stage, they have already raised ethical concerns especially in the context of DNA manipulation of humans and the possibility that such technologies can create new materials for war.

Six prominent experts in the quantum arena flagged their concerns regarding the misuse and weaponisation of the emerging technology in a 13-minute video that debuted today titled ‘Quantum ethics: a call to action’ on Quantum Daily.

The names involved in this video are at the forefront of the developments. Those included in this video are:

  • Ilyas Khan, CEO and founder of Cambridge Quantum Computing and who is also the Founding Chairman of the Stephen Hawking Foundation and Life Member of the American Mathematical Society
  • Nick Farina, Founder of EeroQ, co-founded EOC, a leading software and services corporation in higher ed. Investor in Bering Science. Former Board of Directors, Chicago Public Television
  • Faye Wattleton, Founder of EeroQ, former CEO of Planned Parenthood. Partner + Head of Corporate Governance Practice at Alvarez & Marsal, Board of Directors: Columbia University and Estée Lauder
  • Asfaw, Quantum Education Lead, IBM Quantum
  • Martinis, professor of physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara, helped lead Google’s efforts to build a quantum computer and recently joined Silicon Quantum Computing

It may seem like early days, but these experts intend to generate conversation around the trade-offs early in the cycle of development of this technology which will lead to an increase of computing power. They also want to influence the way ahead by generating this conversation right now.

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